Meet the Traditions Team

Our Traditions Team is composed of visionary developers, architects, builders and craftsmen who are passionately committed to “creating cherished places & great spaces” for our clients to live. Our collaborative approach with city and township partners has resulted in the realization of unique and cherished places. Equally important is our partnership with our clients to bring their ideal spaces to life.

Tom Humes
President & Founder, Traditions Building & Development Group
Jamie Humes
VP of Marketing, Traditions Building & Development Group
Douglas C. Hinger, AIA
President, Traditions Building Group
James E Kiefer, PE
Executive VP of Engineering, Traditions Building & Development Group
Ted Hoerstmann
Senior VP, Traditions Building Group
Scott Humes
Vice President of Development, Traditions Building & Development Group
Jenny Runtz
Senior Accountant, Traditions Building & Development Group
Mary Shinkle
Selections Coordinator & Interior Designer, Traditions Building Group
Bill McIntyre
Sales Manager, The Wicks, Charter Hill and Linden Hill
Lori Roll
Sales Manager, City Series, Linden Hill
Bob Johnson
Sales Manager, The Village at Rivers Pointe
Steve Sheanshang
Project Estimator, Traditions Building Group
Ben Jenkins
Project Estimator, Traditions Building Group
Chris Jones
Vice President of Construction, Traditions Building Group
Bill Howell
Builder, Traditions Building Group
Keith Carroll
Builder, Traditions Building Group
Luke Schumacher
Builder, Traditions Building Group
James Jones
Builder, Traditions Building Group
Vanessa Sowers
Controller, Traditions Building & Development Group
Tonya Ragle
Assistant to the President, Traditions Building & Development Group

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